Photo by  Danielle Tsi

Photo by Danielle Tsi

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Emma Christensen is a food writer and editor with 8 years of experience creating food and cooking content for online and print publication. She is the managing editor for Simply Recipes and a former editor for The Kitchn. She is also the author of three books on homebrewing, True BrewsBrew Better Beer, and Modern Cider (forthcoming 2017), and she collaborated on the James Beard award-winning The Kitchn Cookbook. Her work has appeared in Fine Cooking, Vegetarian Times, Cook's Illustrated, and Edible Columbus. Emma is a graduate of The Cambridge School for Culinary Arts and Bryn Mawr College. She is based in San Jose, California.

Looking for help making kombucha, brewing beer, or bottling cider? Head over to THE BOLD BREWER!

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