The OTI! Project: Curries, Flatbreads, and Chrissy Teigen

This being a record of my continuing adventures to be curious and find new inspiration in the food world:

* This post on "What is Curry, Anyways?" from Bon Appetit's Basically caught my eye. The title is a little misleading (I def thought it would be a guide to curry dishes and their history), but the content is an interesting way to introduce people to ingredients they might not be familiar with (curry paste, curry powder, etc.) (via Bon Appetit)

* And speaking of Bon Appetit, a friend of mine recommended that I check out Carla's Facebook Live videos, and pointed me to this one she did recently on poaching eggs. I like that she’s very natural and unscripted, but she definitely has a plan for what she wants to show and keeps things moving a long. I also like that she’s got a little make-up on, but she’s definitely not totally done up, you know? It just feels like… she’s at work and showing you what’s happening. (via Bon Appetit's FB page)

* Chrissy Teigen! I really like this lady, and this series of tweets as she crowd-sources browned bananas in LA is just amazing. It proves to me how even a huge brand like Chrissy can still have fun on social media, be a goofball, and engage with her fans. (via Food52)

* This Crunchy Quinoa on Macheesmo made me sit up and take note. Crispy salty-sweet little bits of quinoa? Please and thank you. Nick says the quinoa will keep for a little while in the pantry, so it makes sense to make a big batch to have on hand. I'm thinking of sprinkling it over my boring lunch salads. (via Macheesmo)

* I'm adding this link to Heidi Swanson's round-up of Japanese Noodles so that I don't lose it. I've been wanting to try my hand at making ramen for a while now. (via 101 Cookbooks)

* I can never resist a good flatbread. Or pancake, as it were. (via Lady and Pups)

* This book of 140-character (ie Twitter-length) recipes is on my list. I've been thinking about playing around with short, social-media-only recipes over on Simply Recipes... (via Honest Cooking)